Notice: the current implementation of the plugin setup flow requires developer know-how and familiarity with Google Cloud Platform and OAuth verification process; the current setup experience is not the final user experience which will no longer require apps to be manually verified.

During the setup for Site Kit developer beta version, a Google Cloud Platform app is automatically created on your behalf in order to securely generate OAuth credentials so you can securely access your site’s data via API. By default, this app is not verified, which may cause some users to see the “Unverified App” screen below when connecting some of the modules in the plugin:

The screen above does not stop users from using Site Kit, but simply warns you that your new app is not verified.
Follow the steps below if you’d like to continue the authentication process from this screen and finish the module activation. You can request verification of your app later on.

  1. Click on “Advanced” which will open a section below.
  2. Click on “Go to {YOUR DOMAIN} (unsafe)”.
  3. Proceed with approving the necessary API scopes as usual.

App verification


By default, the first WordPress administrator who initially set up Site Kit gets access administrator rights for the Google Cloud Platform app automatically created by Site Kit.

Only that user will be able to send the app for verification. Of course, other users may be manually added to the Google Cloud Platform project by the administrator. Should the user who setup Site Kit not be available any more, the plugin can be reset by any WordPress Admin user via WordPress Admin → G Site Kit → Settings → Admin Settings.

Steps to verify your app

All the steps are illustrated in the animated gif below.

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform project console.
  2. Make sure that the project selected in the main navigation blue bar corresponds to your website project. If not, click on the arrow, search for your website name and select the corresponding project.
  3. Fill out the OAuth consent screen form:
    • Application name: pre-filled on your behalf during provisioning
    • Application logo: N/A
    • Support email: pre-filled on your behalf during provisioning
    • Scopes for Google APIs:
      • Click on “Add scope”
      • On the modal, select all APIs
      • Click “ADD”
    • Authorized domains: pre-filled on your behalf during provisioning
    • Application Homepage link: enter your domain
    • Application Privacy Policy link: enter your Privacy Policy URL
    • Application Terms of Service link: enter your Terms of Service URL
  4. Click on “Submit for Verification”.
  5. In the scope justification field, add “Scope required for Site Kit plugin for WordPress to function as expected.”
  6. Click on “Submit”.
  7. It might take up to 5 days for the app to be reviewed and verified. The Google Cloud Platform/API Trust & Safety team will get in touch with you if they have follow-up questions.