Here’s what you need to do if you’d like to try out Site Kit on a staging environment:

  1. Make sure your production site is verified in Search Console.
    Site verification is required as part of the setup flow for Site Kit. If your production site is already verified, you’re good to go.
    Otherwise, since Site Kit can’t place a verification token on the production site, you’ll need to complete this step before you can go through the setup flow. Read more about the different methods to verify a site.
  2. Install and activate Site Kit, but DO NOT start the setup flow.
  3. Install and activate the helper plugin.
    It will allow you to pull the stats from your production site to the staging version.
  4. In the helper plugin, add the URL of your live site in the Custom Site URL field (screenshot below). You don’t need to complete any of the other fields on that page.
  5. Start the setup flow for Site Kit.