You can try out Site Kit on your safe staging environment, while still pulling in real data from your production site. If you want to use Site Kit with your staging environment, you’ll need to activate it separately.

Note: This guide is only for sites that have a staging environment AND a production site. The staging site displays the production site data.

To use Site Kit with a staging environment:

  1. Make sure that you are verified as an owner of your production site in Google Search Console.
  2. Log in to WordPress with your staging environment. 
  3. Install and activate Site Kit, but DO NOT start the setup flow in Site Kit.
  4. Install and activate the helper plugin.
    The plugin allows you to pull the data from your production site to the staging site.
  5. Go to Site Kit > Developer settings and fill in the fields:
    • Add the URL of your live site in the Custom Site URL field. 
    • Add the client ID and client secret for the custom GCP app that you created. If you don’t have a GCP app yet, you can click the Create your credentials link on the Developer settings page.
  6. Start the setup flow for Site Kit.

In the case that you decide to make your staging site live (in other words, move your site to production):

  1. Uninstall the helper plugin.
  2. Reset Site Kit.