Statistics and Reporting

GA4 statistics can be viewed in the Site Kit dashboard. More information about the Site Kit dashboard can be found here. Additional GA4 statistics can be viewed in your Analytics account.


In the initial Analytics setup workflow, you will be prompted to connect an Analytics account, an associated GA4 property and a web data stream. Site Kit can create these on your behalf if they don’t exist.

To go through the initial setup process:

  • Ensure that the Site Kit plugin has been installed and activated on your site and you have completed the initial Site Kit setup steps
  • Go to Site Kit > Dashboard and click the prompt to Set Up Google Analytics
  • Approve the connection to your Google account
  • If an Analytics account and/or GA4 property are not associated with this Google account, they will be created
Create Analytics Account
  • If an Analytics account and/or GA4 property are associated with this Google account, you will be prompted to select the Account and GA4 property that you wish to connect. If a GA4 property and associated web data stream are not yet available, they will be created.
Selecting your Analytics account
  • Click Configure Analytics to proceed
  • You will be returned to the dashboard with a notice that Analytics setup is complete
  • To verify the creation and connection of the new GA4 property, go to Site Kit > Settings > Connected Services > Analytics. The GA4 property will now be listed.
The current status of your Analytics configurations


If you have connected Analytics through Site Kit in the past without adding GA4 or you have deleted a previously connected GA4 property, the Complete setup for Analytics button will display in Site Kit > Settings > Connected Services > Analytics beginning with Site Kit version 1.86.0, released on October 24, 2022.

Clicking on Connect Google Analytics 4 button will open the Analytics tab.

Connect Analytics Settings Button

If you do not have an existing GA4 property in your connected Google account, Site Kit can create a new property for you. 

Setting up a new GA4 property

If you already have existing GA4 property/ies in your Google account, they will be listed in the Google Analytics 4 Property dropdown menu, where you can choose to use an existing GA4 property or create a new one.

Setting up Analytics within Site Kit

Once you select a property or set up a new one, click Configure Analytics to save your settings with your newly connected GA4 property.

The Google tag

The Google tag is a new single, reusable tag that allows you to connect several Google services to your site with a single code snippet. Currently, the Google tag only supports Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads, with more support for other Google services to follow. You can find out more in this Google guide.

Site Kit will manage the creation of a Google tag for you as part of the Analytics module setup for GA4 if you don’t already have an existing Google tag. More information on the Google tag can be found in our Google tag guide.


Does Site Kit recognize a manually inserted GA4 tracking code?

Yes, you can manage a GA4 property that has been set up manually (by inserting code into your site’s <head>) in the Site Kit settings.

Can I use both GA4 and UA properties using only Site Kit?

No, UA properties stopped processing data July 1, 2023. Beginning with Site Kit v1.110.0, UA properties are no longer selectable. To continue using Analytics in Site Kit, you will need to have a GA4 property.

How do I track events in GA4?

GA4 includes several common events (for example, scroll tracking) by default. For more information about events, check out Google’s Events reference guides and guide on automatically collected events.

Is there eCommerce tracking in GA4?

Yes, GA4 can be used to track eCommerce events. See this guide from Google for more information.

I’ve implemented GA4 via Site Kit but I don’t see any real time reports on Analytics. Why?

As of June 2023, GA4 statistics are displayed in the Site Kit dashboard. This data does not include real time data, which can be viewed from  If you have GA4 data in your Analytics account but you can’t see any GA4 data in your Site Kit dashboard, you can open a support topic in the plugin support forums.