Who is Site Kit for?

Site Kit is ideal for website owners who want easy to understand insights about how their site is doing all in one place.

What are the main benefits of Site Kit?

Site Kit provides up-to-date and authoritative product and site recommendations by Google, with actionable guidance and insights optimized for WordPress site owners. Google product and UX leads have worked to make Site Kit both useful and easy to use.

Will Google charge for Site Kit?

The Site Kit plugin is free and open source, and will remain so. Individual Google products included in Site Kit are subject to standard terms and fees (if any) for those products.

Will Google offer more products through Site Kit?

We plan to expand the plugin’s capabilities and integrations in the future; we’d love to get your feedback on which products and features we should prioritize.

What happens if I already use another plugin to integrate one or more Google products?

We're happy to hear that and you can continue using it if it meets your needs. You can also install Site Kit alongside to gain access to other insights and integrations.