Here are the available Google products you can activate in Site Kit. Here’s an overview of what they are and who should use them.

Google Search Console

Useful for: Everyone

Explore how many people saw and clicked on your site in Google Search, what queries showed your site in Search, and your average search position. The data includes clicks, impressions, CTR, and position for your site, as well as query strings that users were searching for. Search Console is enabled for all sites in Site Kit. Learn more about Search Console.

Google Analytics

Useful for: Everyone

See how people navigate your site once they’re on your site. See what pages are popular, and how many people saw each page. Learn more about Google Analytics.

Google AdSense 

Useful for: Site owners that want to earn money using ads

Earn money by using AdSense to automatically place ads on your site. If you already use AdSense, you can track ad performance for your site. Learn more about AdSense.

PageSpeed Insights

Useful for: Developers

Understand the real-world performance of your site as experienced by Chrome users. Get recommendations for optimizing your site speed. Learn more about PageSpeed Insights.

Tag Manager

Useful for: Marketers, small businesses

If you use marketing tags on your site, you can use Site Kit to set up Tag Manager easily for your site—no code editing required. Then, manage your tags in Tag Manager. Learn more about Tag Manager.


Useful for: Marketers, small businesses

If you want to test variations of your pages, you can use Site Kit to set up Optimize easily—no code editing required. Learn more about Optimize.