A new version of Google Analytics was introduced in October 2020. It bridges the gap between web and mobile analytics and requires a new type of property – Google Analytics 4 property (formerly known as a Web + App property) to record data.

We’re working on making the most relevant features of GA4 available to Site Kit users. Follow along on GitHub if you’d like to keep up with our progress and leave comments. Meanwhile, here’s how you can use GA4 with Site Kit right now:

Set up a new GA4 property

Create a new GA4 property directly in Analytics. Site Kit currently supports creating only Universal Analytics properties.

Add the GA4 snippet to your site

Insert the GA4 snippet to your site so you can start collecting data.
Note: you can have Universal Analytics (UA-XXXXXX-1) and GA4 (G-XXXXXXXXXX) snippets simultaneously on your site, and record data for both.

View GA4 stats

Currently you can view the reporting from GA4 only in Google Analytics. Read more about the different reports and how to use them.