The following are known issues in Site Kit. No need to report them to us, but we appreciate your feedback on any other features or issues you spot. If you encounter a problem that’s not listed in the known limitations list, open a GitHub issue with a screenshot of the error message.


  • Opera: Temporarily disable the Ad Blocker feature while you’re setting up Site Kit.
  • Firefox and Chrome: If your secure (HTTPS) website makes use of HTTP resources, it may be classified as mixed content while using the Chrome or Firefox browser.

WordPress Plugins

  • Caching plugins (WP Super Cache, Breeze, Autoptimize): Temporary disable caching plugins while you’re setting up Site Kit.
  • Monster Insights: Temporarily disable Monster Insights while you’re setting up the Google Analytics module.
  • Updraft Plus: Disable the Google Drive backup storage option while setting up Site Kit or alternatively deactivate Updraft Plus during Site Kit Setup.

WordPress Multisite networks

Currently, Site Kit doesn’t support WordPress multisite networks. If you want to use Site Kit in a WordPress multisite installation, activate the plugin for each individual site you would like to use it on. Support for a network mode covering an entire multisite is being worked on for a future release.