Site Kit allows you to easily connect with Google Ads and place your Ads Conversion ID on your website. More information on Google Ads can be found here.

Starting in version 1.125.0, released April 22, 2024, the Conversion Tracking ID field in Analytics settings will be moved to the new Ads module settings.

Conversion Tracking ID has moved notice

If you previously had a Conversion Tracking ID defined in Analytics settings, you will be notified that this has been moved to the Ads module settings.


To set up Ads for your site, go to Site Kit > Settings > Connect More Services > Set up Ads.

Connect Ads from Site Kit settings

Enter your Conversion Tracking ID. If you don’t enter a valid ID, you won’t be able to proceed with the setup.

Conversion Tracking ID not entered

Once you have entered your Conversion Tracking ID, click on the Complete setup button.

Entering your Conversion Tracking ID

After completing the setup, you will be taken to the dashboard where you will see a success banner. 

Ads connection success banner

You can view and edit your Conversion Tracking ID from Site Kit > Settings > Connected Services > Ads.

Conversion Tracking ID from the settings
Edit view for Ads from the settings

Disconnecting Ads

To disconnect the Ads module, go to Site Kit > Settings > Connected Services > Ads > Edit and select Disconnect Ads from Site Kit. When choosing to disconnect Ads, you will be presented with the following message.

The disconnecting Ads modal

The message explains that disconnecting the Ads module for your site will mean that you no longer have access to the tagging necessary for your Ads campaigns to work and there will be no conversion tracking for your Ads campaigns. 

How to locate your Conversion tracking ID

You can find your Conversion tracking ID by following the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In your Google Ads account, click the Tools menu. 
  3. Select Shared library, which opens more options.
  4. Select the Audience manager option.
  5. From the Audience manager page, select the Your data sources option from the top menu.
  6. Click on Details for the Google Ads tag section.
  7. Expand the tab for Tag setup to view the tag details.
  8. Select Use Google Tag Manager.
Ads Conversion tracking ID