Site Kit settings can be accessed in the WordPress admin at Site Kit > Settings.

Connected Services

The Connected Services tab shows all of the Google services that you have connected via Site Kit.

Site Kit settings page with the connected services tab open

Clicking the down arrow opens details about this connection. Click Edit at the bottom of the tab to modify these settings.

The Analytics settings page within Site Kit

Services can be disconnected from Site Kit by clicking Edit > Disconnect [service] from Site Kit.

Edit your Analytics settings

Connect More Services

The Connect More Services tab on the Site Kit settings page

The Connect More Services tab shows additional services that can be connected via Site Kit.

Admin Settings

The Admin Settings tab contains plugin-wide settings, including:

  • Plugin Status – Click Reset Site Kit to reset your Site Kit plugin. Resetting Site Kit deletes all snippets that Site Kit placed on your site and any preferences you set in Site Kit. For example, if you set up Analytics through Site Kit, this action deletes the Analytics snippet on your site. You’ll still have access to your Analytics account, but your Analytics dashboard won’t show data past the date you removed the snippet from your site.
  • Plugin Settings – Toggle on/off the display of relevant stats in your site’s admin bar.
  • Tracking – Toggle on/off the sharing of anonymous usage data with Google.