Currently, only users with admin-level access in WordPress can set up Site Kit and manage settings. Site Kit also provides Dashboard Sharing which allows users with the Administrator user role to share a restricted view of the Site Kit dashboard with other user roles, including non-administrators. You can find out more by visiting the Dashboard Sharing page

The guide below explains the permission levels for Google services when administrators are setting up the plugin:

Google Search Console

If you’re an admin in WordPress, Site Kit grants you Owner permissions for your site in Search Console. Learn more about permission levels in Search Console

Google Analytics

Learn more about permission levels in Analytics

If there isn’t an Analytics property associated with your site and you do not currently have an Analytics account:

  1. Go to Settings > Connect More Services > Analytics > Set up Analytics
  2. Sign into your Google account and approve permissions to see and download your Google Analytics data
  3. From the Account dropdown menu, select Set up a new account
  4. Check the pre-filled required information and update any fields as necessary
  5. Click Create Account to proceed. You’ll be prompted to grant additional permissions to Site Kit and accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service agreement. Site Kit will create a Google Analytics account for you with the permission level of Administrator.

If you’re an admin for an existing Analytics property associated with your site:

  1. In the Site Kit plugin, connect the Analytics service
  2. Select the account, property, and view from the drop-down menus 
  3. Click Configure Analytics

If you’re not an admin for an existing Analytics property, you have two options:

  • Get an admin to add you as a site admin so you can view data
  • Remove the current Analytics snippet from your site and add a new one with Site Kit to be granted Analytics admin status (Site Kit won’t place a duplicate Analytics snippet)

Tag Manager

To set up Tag Manager, you need to have container-level permissions in Tag Manager. If you don’t have access, get an admin to add you to the container in Tag Manager. Learn more about permission levels in Tag Manager.

Google AdSense

Learn more about permission levels in AdSense

  • If your Google Account is associated with an AdSense account, you can connect AdSense to Site Kit without further setup
  • If your Google Account isn’t associated with existing AdSense code on your site, you have two options:
  • If you have an AdSense account associated with your Google account, connecting to AdSense with Site Kit will add the necessary AdSense code to your site.
  • If you don’t have an AdSense account, Site Kit gives you the option to create one. Once you have signed up for AdSense, Site Kit will add the AdSense code to your site for you.